July 7, 2013


Beauty Products I can't live without...

So this is a post about some beauty products I am totally obsessed with and I definitely can't live without them. I guess every girl has something like that :)  
I'm going to say about every single one a little bit, just to show you guys how I'm using them etc... so have fun and enjoy! 

I'm going to start with products for hair...

This little guy is a life saver in my opinion :D It's the Garnier Fructis Wonder-Oil. This Oil will make your hair really, really, really smooth and shiny and also good smelling. You can use it before you wash your hair, after or even during the day. Also really good for damaged hair! 

This is the Schwarzkopf got2be Styling Spray for shiny hair. You can use it before you blow dry it or after you styled your hair. Your hair will shine like a diamond :D 

So this is a straightening spray from Lee Stafford Poker Straight! It's sooo easy to straighten your hair with this and of course the smell is amazing! 

For your face... 

The bebe young care relaxing care day&night cream, loving it!!! Makes your skin soft and flawless looking. 

Chap Stick Classic Cherry, it makes your lips really soft and also a little pink. I. CAN'T. LIVE. WITHOUT!! 

Mascara from Astor Play it Big. Awesome lashes, super long and defined! Just beautiful. 

Mascara P2 Volume Affair. It's just awesome, it makes your lashes really black and long. 

Body Mist...

Victoria's Secret Body Spray. Secret Craving, I totally get the name, there's nothing else to say!! :) 

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Have a great day, Maria! 

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