July 28, 2013


Hey Hey... so today's post is about yesterday's outfit. :) I actually wanted to post it yesterday but I came home really late.
My sweetheart and I were at a BBQ Party which was really fun and cool. :) It was like the past two weeks really hot and humid, so I had to wear shorts again! 
I was using my "I heart Ireland" purse again, it's just perfect for events like that. You can fit all your stuff in there for outside party's or events, like sunglasses, sunscreen, a sweater for later, water etc. etc. etc. I know, I know I carry always more stuff with me than I actually need. :D 

I didn't even realized that my complete outfit is from H&M, well almost! :) okay I admit it...I'm in love with H&M!! 

Anyway that's the look I came up with, I hope you'll like it and let me know what you think! :) 
I'll list all details down below. 

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These boots are one of my favourites, they're super comfy and cool. I was all day long standing or walking without any foot pain. Definitely the right choice of shoes for an outside event!! :) 

Top: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Hat: H&M
Shoes: Deichmann
Purse: Souvenir Shop (I talked in my "STREET STYLE" post about it and where exactly I bought it)
Sunnies: H&M 

Have a great day, Maria! 

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