August 29, 2013


Hey Hey.. I think ( I know a lot of you guys don't wanna hear that :D ) summer is ending! Jap, I mean it's still warm and the sun is shining but it just feels like that fall is around the corner... 

Anyway I want to show you guys my outfit I wore yesterday, I was wearing some faux leather leggings, they are really shiny and glossy and still super comfortable and you can wear them to so many styles. That's really important to me when I'm buying some clothes!! 
I wore this outfit just for lunch with my mommy and afterwards I was just doing some random stuff. 

Like I already said, the weather was warm and sunny but still kinda windy, so that's why I am wearing a sweater. It's definitely my first fall outfit these year! 
And I am really excited to show you guys much much more of it!! :) 

So I think that's enough of rambling :D that's the outfit I came up with, I hope you'll like it and please let me know what you think! 
I'll list all details down below. 

Sweater: H&M
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Bonprix
Bracelet: H&M
Purse: Deichmann

Have a great day, Maria! 

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