September 3, 2013


Hey Hey.. so the title of this post is "french neon tiger" .. and I'm really excited to write about today's outfit! :) 

The weather was really warm you can almost say it was hot, surprisingly :D's so supposed to be warm and sunny the whole week, so I decided to wear some last summer clothes and just call this week the last summer days! :) Random!! 

I am wearing a white tank top with two neon tigers on it, it's a mix of colours, there is some hot pink, green, yellow and even a little bit blue. I just love this top... I think it's so super hot! :D aaaaand I finally got a chance to wear my brand new tights .. I am just obsessed with them!! You can wear them to seriously..everything and what is better than that! :) 
And I already have a whole in them, are you proud of me? :D 

The look is inspired by french fashion, in my opinion is french fashion the best. When I was the first time in my life in Paris, I knew I'm home! :) 

Anyway I was wearing this look just for a date night with my sweetheart. 
So that's the look I came up with I hope you'll like it and please let me know what you think! 
I'll list all details down below. 

And please check out my Instagram if you're wanna see more of my outfits and some random pictures! :) 

PS: I'm sorry guys about the small pictures, I know they are kinda tiny, but I promise as soon as my camera is fixed they are gonna be bigger! :) 

Top: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Hat: H&M
Tights: H&M (everything H&M :D)
Purse: Deichmann
Heels: Deichmann 

Have a great day, Maria! 


The Fashion Colada said...

sehr cooler look :) gefällt mir.

Maria said...

Dankeschoen! :)