October 7, 2013


Hey Hey ... so I just wanted to show you guys a little bit of my recent shopping favourites. :) I bought three new pairs of shoes in the last couple months and I'm obsessed with them, so I figured maybe you're gonna love them too! :)

I really love this boots they are super comfy, I can walk in them all day long without any pain. And let's be honest ..who likes to walk in uncomfortable shoes!!? :D I was wearing these boots in some of my "ootd" posts already, and seriously you can wear them to everything, what ever your style is! :) 
I bought them at H&M.

I know a lot of you guys would probably say .. "Ummm, No!" to these heels, I mean ..some already said it, but who actually cares, right?! :D If it feels right, just wear it!! 
Anyway, these heels are kinda vintage, and you guys know me... I loooove vintage! There are also super comfy and I just love to wear them with over knee socks, well actually with any socks. :D 
You can find these beauty's at Deichmann. 

Aaaand last but not least .. come one, you just need these boots in your life! :D 
I bought them just couple days ago and a "ootd" post is already waiting for you guys...so stay tuned! These boots are so much fun to wear, there are like the most comfortable shoes ever and it's like a back-to-the-90's-kinda-thing-something :D aaaand you can get them at Globus! 

So that's it, I hope you'll like this little shopping post and please let me know what you think! :) 

Have a great day, Maria!  

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