October 21, 2013


Hey Hey .. I am finally back to blogging again, and you guys don't know how happy I'm about that! :) I apologize that my last post is such a long time ago, I think about a week. But I was sick for couple days and it took me kinda long to get better. But I do feel well now and I'm gonna post as much as I can! :D

So I thought I'm gonna start this whole new week with a quick and simple post...
I was wearing this outfit just to spend some time with my best friend Vanessa, we were just at a hookah bar for a little bit and yeah, you know chit chatting! :)
The weather is being really weird lately, I was telling you guys how cold it gets here but now it's actually kinda warm again.
One more reason to wear some thigh high socks, right! :D ..

I don't have that much to say about the outfit. I said it's going to be a short post anyway, so just enjoy the pictures! :)
That's the outfit I came up with, I hope you'll like it and please let me know what you think!
I'll list all details down below.

Hat: H&M
Long Blazer: H&M
Basic Sweater: H&M
Earrings: Bijou Brigitte 
Clutch: Kleiderkreisel.de 
Socks: H&M
Boots: Globus

Have a great day, Maria!

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