November 18, 2013


Hey guys .. I have a different type of post for you today...again! 
Anyway, the lovely Lotta tagged me, I mean my blog, on her latest blog post, which called "blog award". I was super excited and happy about this, so a huge thank you to Lotta! :) That's the direct link to Lotta's cute blog: 
It's a very cute idea and I thought it would be fun to do. She asked me (and nine other bloggers) eleven questions about my blog and myself. 
So I hope you'll have fun to read this and yeah, enjoy and let me know what you think! 

1. How personal should be a blog?
Well, I think it depends on how much are you willing to give and to show. Everybody is different, and that's okay! I think as long as you feel good about what you are writing and how much you are writing, everything is fine! :)

2. When did you start blogging?
I started "Maria's fashion day" in July 2013, so already four month. 

3. How many and which blogs are you reading regularly?
I have to be honest, right now I'm reading regularly not that many blogs :D ... is one of my favourites and

4. Favourite "wisdom of life" quote? 
Mhh, it's kinda hard to pick one. At first I have to say anything with positive energy is great. But I think "What ever you decide to do. Make sure it makes you happy!" is one of the most significant. 

5. How much time do you need in the bathroom?
Girls, girls, girls .. :D That's not that easy to answer. Well it depends on many things, if I have to wash my hair it usually takes longer, because I have long hair! :D If I am in hurry I think I could be ready in like 20 minutes. BUT usually it takes me longer to get ready. 

6. Action- or romantic movie? 
I like to watch both. :) 

7. Do you  have a favourite book?
No I don't, I could never choose one! But I do have some favourite authors. 1. Charlotte Link, 2. Dan Brown, 3. Anne Hertz, 4. Stephen King, 5. James Patterson (Sunday's at Tiffany's)

8. Three most important things in your life?
Well there are not "things" :D but I can't say anything else than, 1. Family, 2. Husband, 3. Career 

9. The best food for your nerves?
Big Mac.

10. Which celebrity's would you like to meet one day?
Jessie J, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eminem, Scarlett Johansson

11. What's on the top of your wish list? 
To be finally in California with my hubby!!! 

Now I'm gonna ask six bloggers (I know it's supposed to be ten, sooorry) my seven questions. I'm excited to see your answers, please copy the blog award picture and don't forget to link my blog! Enjoy :) 

My 7 questions: 
1. Why are you blogging?
2. What are your goals?
3. What makes you happy/laugh?
4. What should be in any women's closet?
5. Do you like summer or winter better?
6. Who or what is your inspiration?
7.  What means fashion to you?

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