December 10, 2013


Hey Hey .. so here is my first "outfit of the day" post for this week and some more are coming soon! :) Today was it cold again but it was sooo sunny, well not all day long but at least for couple hours. And sunlight is always the best lightning to shoot some pictures.

I think this post is going to be a little short because I wasn't doing anything today. I was just at home most of the time, but the sun was shining and I thought, let's just take some pictures! Well, that was the only thing I was doing today kinda. :D 
Let's talk about the outfit, shall we..!?
I was wearing one of my favourite leggings, they fit perfectly and look amazing with everything. They are really shiny and glittery, if you know what I mean, and are also a great "highlight" because they add always "this little something" to the complete look. I'm just wearing some silver earrings, because I kinda think the leggings are already enough. And to add a little bit more of contrast, I put on a beige scarf and kept the rest of the outfit in black as usual. 

Well I think that's all what I wanted to say! I hope you'll like it and please let me know what you think. Also make sure to follow my blog and my IG to see more pictures and to see when I'm uploading new posts. :) 
I'll list all details down below.

Scarf: H&M
Leggings: Takko
Coat: BonPrix
Wedge-Boots: BonPrix
Basic Sweater: H&M
Bag: Souvenir Shop
Sunnies: I Am

Have a great day, Maria! 


TheBlondeLion said...

Sieht toll aus! Mir gefällt dein Outfit!

Liebste Grüße ♥
Joana von TheBlondeLion

Stephanie Georgiou said...

I absolutely love your outfit dear.x Simple and stylish! I love your leggings and you can never go wrong with glittery/sparkly things.x They add such a nice touch to the outfit. So pretty!

Maria said...

Dankeschoen! :)
xo Maria

Maria said...

Thank you so very much! Appreciate it so much! :)
xoxo Maria