January 31, 2014


Hey Hey .. I hope you are all well! I know it's been a while again, and I couldn't feel any worse ..but my moving date is coming closer and closer. I know it's not an apologize but please be patient with me! :) But I do have a new post for you guys tomorrow as well, cheer up! :) 
And as soonest I got all that moving process done or almost done, I will post on regular base again, and I'm super excited for that! If you guys are curious why it takes so long to move, well I don't wanna say where exactly I'm about to move (I will soon tho) but it's gonna be far far away, and because of that it takes so long! :) 

So let's start with the outfit post, shall we. 
I was wearing this super comfortable and thick bordeaux or burgundy coloured leggings and no I don't mean the city in France when I say bordeaux, I mean the colour! I know that burgundy was super hot in the fall season of 2013, but I thought why not in 2014 as well! So here I am wearing burgundy leggings in January of 2014, shame on me!! :D Anyway, I wasn't wearing any accessories with this look, I just didn't feel like this outfit needed some, except of my big hat of course! I paired some white cut out ankle boots, just to add more contrast to the whole outfit and on top of that I was wearing just a basic tight and black sweater. I did took some pictures of it, but they came out not that good, but I think it's not a big deal, right?! 
I couldn't decide which jacket or coat I should wear at first, but when I picked my big hat I thought my french coat would be perfect with it. And yes, I think that's a perfect combination! It was really fun to wear this outfit just to run some errands in a really cold winter day. 

This outfit looks kinda girly and strong at the same time, I just really love mixing styles and materials to create something complete different! 

Well guys, I think that's all what I wanted to say. I hope you'll like it and please let me know what you think! 
I'll list all details down below. 

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Basic Sweater: H&M
Coat: BonPrix
Leggings: H&M
Cut Out Boots: BonPrix
Hat: H&M
Sunnies: I Am 

Have a great day, Maria! 

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