March 24, 2014


Hey my loves.... I'm baaack and you won't believe me, how good it feels! I missed sitting behind my computer and writing so much, I'm just so happy to get back to work! :) 

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I'm finally in California and I'm just so very happy to be here, it's a blessing! I will upload a separate post about moving to California and all that stuff! 

 Let's talk about the outfit I wore the other day (finally), I wore this look just to see a movie with my hubby, so again nothing crazy or so. The weather is, of course, sunny and really warm, it is still kinda weird to me it was about the snow before I left and know I'm in a sunny and warm place! :D 

Anyway, I really liked wearing this look even if it's a more feminine look and you guys know me, I like to mix these looks a lot with harsh accessories or boots. But I thought I would rock this look how it is, for once in a while! And like I already said, I really enjoyed wearing it. I was wearing a skort from H&M, these skorts were really big last summer, but I thought I just keep wearing them because I like the shape of it so much. I put on a maxi blouse on top of the skort (for those of you who don't know what a skort is: shorts that look like a skirt, pretty simple) just to give the whole look a different shape. The main colours in this outfit were obviously navy blue and white, I paired some black ankle boots just to add some contrast and to break the line. I wasn't wearing any accessories this time, honestly just because I was running late but I also liked this look without any rings, necklaces etc. .  
Well, I think I don't have anything else to say, I hope you'll like this outfit and please let me know what you think! 

I'll list all details down below. 

Skort: H&M
Blouse: Primark 
Ankle Boots: H&M
Purse: Deichmann 
Sunnies: I Am 

Have a great day, Maria! 


Tania P. said...

Tolles Outfit!
Und wundervolle Haare!! :)

Liebste Grüße,

Black Silhouette said...

Klasse Look! Die Kombi gefällt mir wirklich sehr gut :-)