March 30, 2014


Hey guys ..I hope you're all well! 

So I had to run some errands the other day and I really felt like wearing all my usual's again, so I did! It was a normal chilly and windy day in the middle of the week, and while I was sitting in the car and driving thru the city I just thought how busy everybody is. How much the "time" means to all of us, everything has his own schedule. 
I decided to wear something timeless, at least it is timeless to me, a typical outfit that I'm wearing basically all the time. And I really think I will never get tired of it, I mean what is better than a few simple basics mixed together into one complete outfit that looks just good on everybody!? Well, at least I can't think of anything better! I paired a simple, basic and striped shirt with some black velvet leggings and I really think you don't even need anything else. You could go like this already and your outfit would be already complete. But of course I had to put on my fake leather jacket with some black shades and because of the jacket I really, really had to wear my hat. I just love this combination so much, it looks just so classic. This outfit has so many other options, I mean it doesn't really matter what shirt you put on or which shoes, just keep it simple! I paired this look with the only shoes I'm wearing at the moment, I talked about them in my other post and I really don't want to start but there are just everything! 
Well I think that's all what I wanted to say, I hope you'll love this outfit as much as I did and please let me know what you think! 
I'll list all details down below! 

Velvet Leggings: H&M
Basic Shirt: Bonprix
Ankle Boots: H&M
Clutch: Asos
Fake Leather Jacket: H&M
Hat: H&M
Sunnies: I Am

Have a great day, Maria! 


Tabet said...

Sweet pictures and a great look - amazing hat! :)

Auf Wolke 3

Maria said...

Hey, thank you so much sweetie! Glad that you like it! :)
XO Maria