April 15, 2014


Hey guys..I hope you're all well and had an amazing weekend!

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So this is probably the last outfit post from the days I took off, because well, because there are more outfits waiting for you guys. I have one more, but I will talk about this outfit soon enough, so stay definitely tuned for that. I mentioned in some other posts already, that we had family over, so we went to see the Lake Tahoe area. Which was really nice and beautiful, the location is just amazing there and of course the weather was just perfect for me. It wasn't cold but still not hot, and a little bit windy, I just loved it. The weather here is starting to get really hot, so I'll see how I'm going to manage this!
So I knew that we're probably gonna walk around a lot and do some sightseeing, and because of that I just had to wear some sneakers. It wouldn't be so awesome to walk all day long with heels, I think. Well, at least there were platform sneakers, a little bit of something right! I didn't want to be this look too sporty but still casual, so I paired the platforms with a black and white blouse, which is such an amazing piece. To create a fluent line, I put on some high waist black jeans. I talked about this pants in my older posts already, and how much I love them, so I think I don't have to mention it again. And of course there were no way out of it, I just had to wear my fake leather jacket again, I'm obsessed with it..well it's almost vintage! I really think that there are few pieces like this fake leather jacket, can style up everything. It doesn't matter if you wear a skirt, a dress, pants or even shorts, because it just looks good on everything and with everything. How couldn't you love it?! Just to add some colour I decided to take this beautiful vintage purse. I'm organizing my new closet and while I was doing that I found this goody! Such an eye catcher! 

Sunnies: Pacsun
Blouse: H&M
High Waist Pants: H&M
Purse: I Am
Platform Sneakers: H&M

Have a great day, Maria! 

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