April 9, 2014


Hey guys... I hope you're all well!

I'm so sorry guys that I haven't posted again for a while, but my husband's family was visiting us, and we just wanted to spend some time with them. But of course I didn't just forgot to blog, I just didn't had that much time on my hands, but I did managed to shoot the outfits I was wearing the last couple of days! And now that I'm done with traveling and visiting I can finally post on regular base again! It was nice to have some days off but of course I'm very excited to be back. 
I will talk about all the places we visited in a different post, where I actually was shooting the pictures. 

I was wearing this outfit, I believe, a week ago, just to get some dinner with my husband. And I was thinking what could I wear to be comfortable and spiced up at the same time. Well, I decided that high heels are always a good idea! I just paired some black, skinny and high waisted pants with a basic white shirt. And yes I know, I do wear leggings so much more often than pants or whatever else. Leggings are just so much more comfortable and still really good looking than pants. But I have to admit it, these pants are just awesome!! And to get that "spiced up" look I was talking about, I put on my jeans jacket with studded shoulders and I really think you don't need anything else for this outfit. This outfit would also look really good with some denim vintage shorts and stockings. 

Jeans Jacket: Forever 21
High Waisted Pants: H&M
Wedge Boots: Bonprix
Sunnies: Vintage Shop
Basic Shirt: H&M
Purse: Deichmann 
Leopard Socks: H&M 

Have a great day, Maria! 


Jela Egbe said...

Was für ein tolles Outfit!
Die Schuhe sind genial. :)

Liebe Grüße

Lucy Mitchell said...

Great outfit - I love the shoes :)


Yvonne Lang said...

Sehr schönes Outfit :)
und die Fotos sind echt toll geworden, das erste und das dritte gefallen mir am besten :-)
aber am allerbesten gefällt mir dein Blog an sich und die Themen über die du schreibst - folge dir nun <3

Liebe Grüße & einen schönen Abend,

Maria said...

Vielen Dank dir! :)
XO Maria

Maria said...

Thank you :)
XO Maria

Maria said...

Hey, vielen vielen lieben Dank. Es freut mich immer so sehr, wenn ich jemanden damit erreichen kann! Sehr lieb von dir! <3
XOXO Maria