May 28, 2014


Hey guys...I hope you're all well!

So here it is...a not complete black outfit, still with a lot of black but also with some colour in it! I know this isn't something regular on here, but I thought it's getting super hot and summer and all that stuff so ..why not?! I absolutely love this blouse, I mentioned it once or twice already, the store where I got it from still exist but it's been awhile ago when I bought it there, so I'm sorry guys but you won't be able to buy it there, probably I guess. If you find something similar to it, feel free to leave a comment down below. 
Anyway, I seriously love wearing this piece as a dress, especially with a belt the only thing is, you have to wear some shorts with it because it is very transparent, meaning "see thru". I mean if you don't mind you can totally rock it with just your lingerie underneath, that's up to you, as long as you feel good about yourself and what you are wearing ..go for it..because it's nobody's business!!
I am also planning a little series for my blog, which I can't tell the name of it now, but I will soon, but it's basically about inner beauty, motivation and how to stand up for yourself!! So guys, you should definitely stay tuned for that! 

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Sunnies: I Am
Belt: Target
Basic Black Shorts: H&M
Blouse: Only (ages ago) 
Cut-Out-Boots: H&M
Purse: H&M
Earrings: H&M

I love you guys & have a great day! - Maria 


Saskia Bzn said...

Cool look ! Love it !
Saskia! xo

Maria said...

Thank you so much! :)

XO Maria