June 2, 2014


Hey guys...I hope you're all well!

I finally managed to take out my little, white and beautiful romper, I bought it few weeks ago but never had really a chance to wear it, I was looking for a white romper for a pretty long time now. The search for some jumpsuits or rompers is still not over, I wanted to add some different pieces to my collection for a very long time now, even though I do find them anywhere, most of the time I'm kinda disappointed with the quality or with the fit. So guys if you do know a place, which has a jumpsuit/romper collection and you're happy with them, feel free to comment down below! 
The best part about this piece is, (I kinda have the feeling that I'm saying this about almost every single piece of clothes I own...) it's so changeable..there are so many different outfits I have in mind with this romper, awesome I know! But let's get back to this outfit, I couldn't help it.. but I finished off the look with lots of black again. But I do have a kinda "summer/festival version" waiting for you guys, so you should definitely stay tuned for that. And as you can see, there it is again, the belt..I'm sorry but I just love it so much at the moment, even though I'm pretty sure it will fade away, just like almost all of my current obsession. There is just one thing that's a constants, passion about fashion! 

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Sunnies: I Am
Romper: PacSun
Belt: Target
Purse: H&M
Wedges: BonPrix 

Have a great day! -Maria


Saskia Bzn said...

Wow I love your romper :)

Saskia! xo

Maria said...

Hey thank you so much! :)

XO Maria