August 10, 2014


Hey guys..I hope you're all well! 

I mentioned in my recent posts that there will be few changes, well here there of them is something that I wanted to change about my blog. It isn't exactly a change it is more an upgrade and the other thing is a new series starting ..right now! 
So the "change" is that I will not only write about fashion but also about lifestyle. I think lifestyle is a big word, with a lot of different meanings behind it. My version of a "lifestyle blog" is just talking, let's say writing, about just everything I also like, do and see, so you guys should be definitely stay tuned for that. And the other news is, I am starting a little series on my blog right now, and this is the first official post. I don't know yet how exactly the schedule will be but we'll see soon enough. What will be the "series" about? This will be my version of a little travel diaries, so let's jump straight into it, shall we..
I don't know how many of you guys know it, but I'm just gonna say it again..I moved to northern California in March this year from Europe and now ...I am for a little while in southern California. The first "travel diaries post" is about Santa Barbara. My husband and I were on a wedding here and the pictures are basically just from the wedding, just because it was so beautiful and yeah, I don't have that much to say about Santa Barbara, there is just one is absolutely beautiful! 

A little bit of paradise.

Congratulations to the lovely newly weds. It was absolutely beautiful! 

Have a great day! -Maria

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