September 4, 2014


Hey guys..I hope you're all well!

This post was inspired by the changing weather, fall fashion, and saving money with If you want to buy some gift cards then just click here, or if you want to sell some cards then also click here, it's simple as that. And who doesn't want to safe some money, so you should definitely check that out! 
Anyways, there asked me what are my favourite fall essentials are. And you guys know me, I'm all about fall and winter anyway. So I thought it's a cool idea to show you guys some inspiration, and just few things what I love to wear in fall or winter, and yes, some of the pieces are a must have to me and maybe you're going to find some must haves for your closet as well.
I hope you'll like this post and of course comment down below what you think and share your fall ideas!

My top five fall essentials (even though I could pick many, many more..) are these pretty pieces..

first of all..a leather jacket, (which has to be faux leather, but this is just me and everybody has a different opinion and that's completely fine)  of course there are so many different colours and styles, my favourite is always a rock or punk style jacket in black or camel colour.
Second must have for fall is a hat, and you guys know me I'm a sucker for hats. The third thing is a good pair of some chunky boots, I can't live without them anymore, but of course don't forget your bobby heels!! And we all know that fall and winter is all about leather pants, or let's just say leather everything, but I do love to wear some dark grey leggings as well. Last but not least is a rusty-camel-colour-ish sweater in knitted fabric
I couldn't help myself but I had to add few more things, because I really thing there are such lovely pieces. A black and white romper, just because I think rompers are not only for summer, and black and white is always a good idea! And the last thing (this time for real) is a purse, a purse can change your entire look so much, I picked out one in a beautiful burgundy-ish colour, since it's fall! 

Have a lovely day! -Maria

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