December 22, 2014


Hey guys..I hope you're all well!

I thought I'm going to share my hair care routine with you guys, because as you can see..I'm dying my hair.. a lot! So I thought maybe some of you want to know how I keep my hair smooth and healthy, well let's say more healthy looking than actually being healthy, just like I already said, I'm dying my hair a lot. But no worries, my hair is pretty strong, and doesn't take too long to get well again, meaning it's not really damaged. I have to add that my hair has changed a lot since I moved to California, in a not really good way, it got very dry and thin, I'm not sure why this is happening here and not back home, maybe the weather or the water or both together, I don't know, but it's already better, thank god.
I have basically only one thing that I would recommend to everyone, knowing it's not going to damage, dry out, or whatever bad can happen to your hair..and that is hair oil. I really think oil can repair so much damage, or even if your hair is getting a little to dry, oil is just always a good idea, plus you can use it before you wash your hair or after, before blow drying, as a over night treatment or just here and there on your ends.
So here are few thing I'm using and enjoying at the moment, some of them are new and some of them are just products I'm using for ages, because I just think there are amazing.

Have a lovely day! -Maria

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Ayah & Kimmy said...

Love your hair! The color is very pretty! Thanks for following back xxx