January 5, 2015


Hey guys...I hope you're all well!

First things first..Happy New Year to everybody!! I hope all of you had a awesome new years eve and a even better start in a wonderful new year, I know a lot of people say that..but I have a really good feeling about this year, so let's make it the best year so far, because there is nothing we can't achieve together! I can't believe 2014 is over and again, I know pretty much everybody is saying that, but it was a good year, so many things happened and I did my best to push my boundaries as far as possible to break free from them and I think I did a good job, but there is so much more to come...
So yeah, stay tuned and excited to see how far we can go..
Moving on to the outfit, shall we..I think winter is over here, it's still pretty cold in the morning, but the sun is shining all the time, the rain stopped, it's just warmer and yeah, I think that's pretty much it with winter in California. I have to say I am a little sad, but hey..there are worse things that could happen then having spring in January, right? Right! And because of this fact, it was slightly too warm for the scarf but perfect for this beautiful, I mean beautiful sheer dress, of course in black, but I liked it so much that I couldn't help myself, so I bought it in two different colours, don't judge me..The good thing about a black on black on black outfit is, it's so damn easy, just put your favourite black pieces together and you're good to go..simple as that. 

Dress: WetSeal 
Leggings: Mango
Purse: Vintage
Faux Leather Jacket: H&M
Sunnies: Old Navy 
Scarf: Target

Have a lovely day! -Maria


Moonstyle said...

nice dress!
hapy new year!

Maria said...

Thank you so much and a very happy new year! :)
xo Maria

annosarusrex said...

lovely outfit!!

Saskia Bzn said...

Lovely !

Saskia! xo

Maria said...

Thank you so much! :)
xo Maria

Maria said...

Thank you so much! :)
xoxo Maria