March 4, 2015


Hey guys..I hope you're all well!

I had few things that I purchased in the beginning of February or end of January and I really, really I mean really enjoyed them, so I decided to share them with you guys, so here are my monthly favourites and please let me know your monthly favourites in the comments down below.
It's a little bit of everything, like always pretty much, just like I already said I have only a few items but there are so preeeetty..
Starting of with a pair of shoes from H&M, I finally could get my hands on a pair of these flats, I guess you could call them oxfords, anyway this was one of my best decision ever, there are so extremely comfortable and you can wear them with literally everything, I'm so happy to finally have a pair of them and I'll definitely add these shoes in different colours to my wardrobe..I'm not going to talk about the other pieces, because there are pretty much self explanatory and yes I know it's the same with the shoes, but I had to say something about them, there are too good..
Oh, and I also have a book for this favourites as well, it's from Cathy Vasas-Brown - Gespenster meiner Angst (German edition).

Shoes: H&M
High-Waist Pants: H&M
Chunky Knit Jumper: H&M
Headphones: Sony
Lip Liner: NYX (in Cabaret) 
Choker: Claire's
(you can see the shoes, jeans and the choker in my previous post) 

Have a lovely day! -Maria


Sonya C. said...

Ahhh, I need to find a choker like that. It's so cute! XD

Maria said...

Thank you, I absolutely love it. I bought in a Claire's in Switzerland but I think you can find it at any Claire's :)