May 21, 2015


Hey guys..I hope you're all well!

I know you have seen me wearing this shirt a million times already, but who said you can't? And let's just accept the fact that my hair is out of control in any way it could be out of control, and I have to warn you, you will see a lot of crazy and messy hair in the future, because I decided to just let it be and I'm too lazy to try to tame it. Anyway, it is a little colder here in the south of California than back home in the north, which is weird but whatever, so the outfits are not going to be as summery as I planned, fine with me, so the spring attire will go on for a little while I guess, but don't's not going to be like that for too long anymore. The most exciting part about being back here is one of my favourite vintage stores "Heavenly Couture"..the name says it all..

Shirt: Heavenly Couture 
Jeans: H&M
Sunglasses: Vintage
Shoes: H&M
Choker: Claire's 
Purse: H&M
Leather Jacket (Faux Leather): Zara (ages ago)

Have a lovely day! -Maria


Sophies Little Secrets said...

So pretty! I absolutely love your shirt!

Maria said...

Thank you so very much! :)