May 4, 2015


Hey guys..I hope you're all well!

First of you doing? Who else is recognizing this? ..I know I haven't uploaded anything last week, and I'm really sorry about that, but unfortunately things came up and everything was really unexpected, and yeah, but we're back on track now.
So, summer has definitely arrived now, it's pretty hot already and I don't even want to imagine that this is only the beginning, it will get even hotter, but it is how it is am I right? After all I can't complain, California was definitely fair with the weather so far..and I am thankful for that!
I have to warn you guys, you will see a lot of comic print tees this summer, I just can't resist them, my love for them turned into an obsession and I have to admit that it turned into a collection of comic print t-shirts, don't judge me..just kidding but seriously I am a nerd and I'm proud, there you have it. Anyway, enough weird talk, my husband and I went to see the new "The Avengers - Age Of Ultron" movie last weekend and how could I not wear this appropriate and awesome shirt? Oh, and I also wanted to say that I'll be in the Los Angeles area for a week this month, so stay tuned for even more weirdness and palm trees..

T-Shirt: Walmart
Skinny Jeans: H&M
Boots: H&M
Choker (both): Claire's
Rings: Claire's 
Purse; H&M
Glasses: Warby Parker

Have a lovely day! -Maria 

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