June 3, 2015


Hey guys...I hope you're all well!

Is anybody already sick of me writing the same "intro" on each post, I think it's kinda nice..I don't know, let me know. As you can see, there is clearly a pattern with my outfits happening, the funny thing is I didn't even realized it until just now when I was sorting out the pictures, well what can I do..I have a thing for high-waist pants, cute tops and chunky boots, oh and we can't forget about the glasses. I feel so weird not wearing sunglasses, it happens then and there but I just feel naked without them. And please take a moment and check out my awesome choker, it's the "Deathly Hallows" sign from Harry Potter, how amazing is that please? I know, very. I almost cried when I saw it..

Pants: H&M
Sunglasses: Old Navy
Top: H&M
Boots: H&M
Choker: Hot Topic

Have a lovely day! -Maria


Simee Filippi said...

Love the look, and your sunglasses are AMAZING :)

Simee | Cup Of Simee

Maria said...

Thank you so much! :) x