July 1, 2015


Hey guys..I hope you're all well!

If I own one piece that is literally perfect for summer and hot weather, than it has to be this bodysuit, I bought it about a year ago and I wear it so often, and yet..it never ever made a appearance on my blog. Moving on, I thought I'll change things up a bit, so these pictures are a little different from the usual ones I post here, please let me know how and if you liked them. Since I am wearing almost only black why not make the entire pictures black and white, oh well..at least I thought so, but enough from my weirdness, it is the first of a new month at that means it's monthly hint time, which I'm always super excited about and please let me know yours as well down in the comments..

Monthly Hint: 

Movie: Chef (2014)

TV-Show: The Americans

Book: The Girl With No Name - Marina Chapman

                                                                    Bodysuit: H&M
                                                            Shorts: Heavenly Couture
                                                                Necklace: Forever21 
                                                                   Sunglasses: I Am

                                                             Have a lovely day! -Maria


Sophies Little Secrets said...

Lovely outfit and gorgeous photos!


Maria said...

Thank you very much! xo