August 2, 2015


Hello everybody..I hope you're all well! 

I know, I's a very dark look again, but I love it and I loved wearing it, because I felt like a dark princess in this outfit, and who wouldn't want to feel that way?..But to be honest, I kinda feel stuck at the moment, I don't feel very inspired right now, well that's not completely true, it's more like that I don't really know what to wear anymore at the moment, I know a lot of you will disagree on that but I'm done with summer, I just feel like it's been hot for three months, I had enough I want fall. I know, I may be the only person thinking that way, maybe some of you can relate ..I don't know, the only thing I know is..that I want to wear layers and faux leather jackets again. Well, it's only I guess I have to deal with the summer season for a little while, but it's the beginning of a new month and that means it's finally monthly favourites and hints time. Feel free to leaver your hints down below.

Monthly Hint: 

Book: Coming Clean - Kimberly Rae Miller
Movie: Jurassic World (2015)
TV-Show: Bloodline 



Maxi Skirt: H&M
Boots (faux leather): Amazon 
Crop Top: H&M
Choker: Hot Topic
Necklace: Claire's 

Have a lovely day! -Maria

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