August 31, 2015


Hello everybody..I hope you're all well!

I felt like doing something different today, so I sat down and started writing down some ideas and thought it would be nice to have once or week, no pressure, something else besides my fashion posts, it's not a series or something in that direction, because I will only upload a post like this whenever I feel like I have something to share, so let me know what you think..
Before I moved to California I had no idea how different the north from the south of California is, I mean of course there are going to be few things, but coming from Europe I guess I never really thought about how big this state really is..So why not sharing few of those differences I noticed while living here...

I think the very first thing that jumped into my eye is of course the scenery, and I mean it's not that hard to imagine that this is probably the biggest difference. The north is of course very forestry, because you know it's the north, but palm trees on the other hand are more of a rarity up here, it almost feels like they are here just to prove a point and southern California is of course filled with palm trees. Another big difference is the weather, the bay are is so much cooler and foggier than the south, except of my city, it's freaking hot here, and I could imagine so is the ocean water, I don't know I never tried. I think everybody knows that the state of California is filled with people, so, so, many people and every time I'm visiting southern California I just realize how many more people even live there, it's insane, it feels like it's twice as many, so for everybody who likes a lot of people..southern California is your place to go. Funny fact, no that doesn't mean that in the north part is less traffic..
And last but not least I feel like there are so many more cities in the southern half than the north, I'm not very sure about that, maybe it just feels this way because I have traveled around southern California more than up here, but the north of course offers more nature adventures..So here you go, these are few of the things that are the biggest differences that I noticed, I know there are many more and maybe I'll share them with you guys another time..

Have a lovely day! -Maria

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S u s a n n i c o r n said...

I loved reading this! I live in California too and have lived both in the Southern part (where I grew up) and the Northern part (which is where I reside now). I think I am definitely more of a Northern California girl, but I do miss certain aspects of the South and the memories I had there. Great post! <3