September 12, 2015


Hello everybody...I hope you're all well! 

I'm baaack, I'm just kidding I wasn't even gone. I posted a week, or so, ago a post which was not fashion related and I think you guys really enjoyed reading what I had to say in this post, which made me really happy and I absolutely loved just sitting down and writing what ever comes to my mind and to be completely honest with you guys, I really loved for once not to talk about fashion and clothes and all that stuff. Don't get me wrong I do love it and I will forever, but it was also really, really nice to have a change for a while and to work more on my passion, which is just writing. I think it's a beautiful and privileged thing, to just sit down and write what is on your mind, and it is even more amazing when people actually read it and respond to you. 

So I came to a decision, which I was thinking about for a really long time now, but I will launch a new blog very soon...
So here it is, I said it out loud and it's out there now, I am very happy with this decision and I couldn't be any more excited than I already am. Don't worry all details will follow and I won't let anyone in the dark. With all that being said, what is going to happen with "Maria's Fashion Day" I think this is the question of the day. Well..nothing really, it will remain as it is, I will still upload on this blog and I will keep working on it, and of course my heart will stay with it, so no stress or drama..this blog is still going to be and active fashion blog, and I can keep it as what it was supposed to be..a fashion blog. The reason why I wanted to start a new blog is, I just wanted a place where I can put everything I want out there, and I know I can basically do the same here too, since it's my blog, but it is called after all "Maria's Fashion Day" for a reason..

I think that's all I wanted to say for now, stay tuned for more and have a lovely weekend! -Maria

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chris v said...

what brand of tights do you like?