October 19, 2015


Hello everybody..I hope you're all doing well! 

I don't know if you already guessed it by the title of this post, but this post is the 200th post on this blog, I really wanted to share that, even if it's nothing crazy important or special, well it is special to me at least. It is weird seeing that number, I can't even explain why..200 is such a big number on the other hand I feel like it's not that much, so as you can see a lot of mixed emotions going on here. I went back to my very first post and I have to say it is really bad, I even thought about deleting it for a moment, because I did felt kinda embarrassed, but I mean as bad as it was, it was still nice to see the change that I have made. I'm not saying that I'm perfect now or 100 times better than before, but still I think you can tell that some positive changes has been made, and I can't help but feel a little proud of my little blog...

I started this blog because I loved clothes and I loved talking about it, and soon this place just became where I could just throw up so many thoughts of mine and I can't even explain how much I love and appreciate to have this place and have you guys reading and sharing it...it is truly an incredible feeling..It's been 200 uploads, 178 fashion posts, 12 lifestyle related posts,  6 beauty posts, 4 travel posts, 2 years and many lessons later, I created this blog when I was going through a lot of very different things and life is keep changing and evolving...and I'm very happy and blessed to take you with me on this journey..

Have a lovely day! -Maria

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