November 9, 2015


Hello everybody..I hope you're all well! 

I finally arrived in Southern California and I'm pretty much between organizing things and trying to find my clothes, that's basically what is happening at the moment. Even though we never left the state it sure does feel different here, it's only in these moments that you realize how easily you get used to the smallest things and that you have to readjust once again. So while doing all those things I thought I would squeeze one more time an old look of mine, but I promise it's the last for a while and new outfits will start shortly and the best part is it's finally not that hot anymore..I mean it still doesn't feel like it's November but we're getting there. With all that being said, here is one more retro inspired picture, I absolutely love how they turned out especially in combination with this beautiful, dark red, dress..

Dress: Mango
Hat: H&M
Boots: Amazon

Have a lovely day! -Maria

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