March 20, 2016


Hello everybody..I hope you're all well! 

This is a sentence I haven't typed in a very long time, even though I clearly said in my last post that I will be back full time very soon..what can I say..I thought I had it all mapped out, turns out I didn't (who knows where this line is from?)..
I had a few rough patches in the last few months and it was harder to deal with them than I initially thought. I moved twice in only four months, I started a new job which stressed me more out than I could ever imagine and I donated A LOT of my clothes ..that's pretty much what I have been doing in these months of silence..but man did I missed typing my heart out..

What else is happening? Well, I made the decision that I will be mainly blogging on my second blog and this blog..well, nothing much will happen to's just not going to be as active as it was anymore. But no worries, I'm not quitting blogging..I just feel that the name of this blog doesn't represent me anymore as it used to, I know I could change the name of it but the domain name would be still the same and I just think that people would just end up being confused...aaand I know I could just change the domain name, but that pretty much means starting from zero anyway and since I have the other blog and I'm very happy with it ..I thought that I just move over there..My main focus is not going to be fashion anymore either, because there is much more I want to talk about than just the clothes that I'm wearing, but fashion posts will be going online regardless, because fashion just holds a special place in my heart..but just like I already said..there is much more I want to share with you guys..

With all that being said, I hope to "see" you guys very soon, and a special thanks to all the peepz who were visiting my blog even though I wasn't active. Thank you for sticking around! 

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Alessa Bernal said...

Love your Photo! you look amazing!

Please check my Blog!! :)

Alessa Bernal :)